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Table 2 ICD-10 codes used to identify hemorrhage from organs other than lung

From: Factors affecting in-hospital mortality of non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease

  ICD-10 codes
Hemorrhage from urinary system N288, N300, N304, N309, N328, N368, N421, N421, N488, N501, E274
Hemorrhage associated with gynecological disease N645, N830, N831, N838, N908, N921–N924, N930, N938, N939, N950, N988, O209, O441, O469, O679, O695, O720–O722, O730, O731
Hemorrhage associated with otolaryngological disease E078, H603, H669, H738, H922, R040, R041
Intracerebral hemorrhage I60–I62
Spinal cord hemorrhage G951, G968
Ocular hemorrhage H113, H168, H208, H210, H313, H350, H356, H357, H405, H431, H448, H470
Traumatic hemorrhage S013, S051, S063, S066, S068, S098, S368, S378, T144, T794
Postoperative hemorrhage T810, T811