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Table 3 The association between VAP and 90/180-day mortality

From: The effect of ventilator-associated pneumonia on the prognosis of intensive care unit patients within 90 days and 180 days

Outcome Univariate Multivariate
OR (95%CI) P OR (95%CI) P
90-day mortality
  No Ref   Ref  
  Yes 1.584 (1.314–1.910) < 0.001 1.465 (1.188–1.807) < 0.001
180-day mortality
  No Ref   Ref  
  Yes 1.733 (1.445–2.079) < 0.001 1.635 (1.333–2.005) < 0.001
  1. Confounders (Age, Ethnicity, Heart failure, Septicemia, SAPSII score, SOFA score, Serum Lactate, WBC, Length of ICU stay, Length of hospital stay, Length of ventilation, Antibiotic treatment, P.aeruginosa, MRSA, Other pathogens) were adjusted