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Table 4 Definition of OPAT Outcomes, The British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy National Outcomes Registry System (NORS) User Guide, Section 3.8, Table 2 OPAT Outcomes [11]

From: Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) for aortic vascular graft infection; a five-year retrospective evaluation

OPAT Outcomes
Success Completed therapy in OPAT with no change in antimicrobial agent, no adverse events, cure or improvement of infection and no readmission
Partial Success Completed therapy in OPAT with either change in antimicrobial agent or adverse event not requiring admission
Failure of OPAT Readmitted due to infection worsening or due to adverse event. Death due to any cause during OPAT
Indeterminate Readmission due to unrelated event e.g. chest pain