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Table 4 Characteristics of Campylobacter insulaenigrae isolated from marine mammals and humans

From: Campylobacter insulaenigrae bacteremia with meningitis: a case report

Characteristics Foster G et al. (2004) [1] Chua K et al. (2007) [4] Patient in this study(2015)
Host Marine mammal human human
Growth at/in:
 25 °C  
 42 °C + +
 1% glycine +  
 2% NaCl +
 Oxidase + + +
 Hippurate hydrolysis
 Nalidixic acid
 Microaerophilic growth + + +
 Anaerobic growth
 GenBank AJ620504 EF433401 DQ174183
  1. The growth characteristics of the C. insulaenigrae strains reported till date. The strains isolated from humans and marine mammals have differences in growing temperature and genotypes. These factors might relate to the pathogenicity or infection sites