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Table 3 Results of linear regression (with LASSO regularization) models of community contact delay

From: Community drivers of tuberculosis diagnostic delay in Kampala, Uganda: a retrospective cohort study

Model R2: 0.29
Variable Estimate
Experienced, or was concerned about, bone or joint pain 16.76
Sought care for coughing blood or chest pain 0.66
Evaluation for TB due to night sweats or fever −7.81
No relief from self-medication prompted care-seeking −3.37
TV/Radio advertisement prompted care-seeking 5.22
Knows coughing blood or chest pain is a symptom of TB −2.73
Knows appetite loss or weight loss is a symptom of TB −4.95
Received cough medication 21.49
Cough disrupted daytime activity 3.88
Suspected illness was TB −8.96
Bought supplements −0.52
Diagnosis location - outside Rubaga −0.29
Proportion of contacts in non-TB provider category (10% increments)a 0.58
Total cost of reaching careb 4.45
  1. aCoefficient should be read as the increase in delay days associated with each increase of 0.1 in the proportion of contacts that belong in the non-TB provider category
  2. bUGX, Ugandan Shillings. In the study year, 2017, the conversion rate for 1 US dollar was 3616.24 UGX