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Table 1 Information of HIV-1 infected persons with TDF/FTC-related TDR in Shenyang in 2016–2018

From: Transmitted drug resistance to Tenofovir/Emtricitabine among persons with newly diagnosed HIV infection in Shenyang city, Northeast China from 2016 to 2018

NO. Year of detection Subtype Mutation Drug Resistancea Infection stageb
1 2017 CRF01_AE K65R H I CHI
2 2018 CRF01_AE K65R H I CHI
3 2016 CRF01_AE K65R H I NA
4 2017 CRF01_AE K65R H I CHI
5 2018 CRF01_AE K65R H I NA
6 2016 CRF01_AE K65KR H I RHI
7 2016 CRF01_AE M184I S H NA
8 2016 CRF01_AE M184M/V S H CHI
9 2017 CRF01_AE M184M/V S H RHI
10 2018 CRF01_AE Y115F, M184V S H NA
11 2018 CRF07_BC K65K/R H I RHI
12 2017 CRF07_BC K65K/R H I CHI
13 2017 B K70K/E,Y115Y/F,M184V I H CHI
  1. aH high-level resistance, I intermediate-level resistance, S susceptible
  2. bRHI Recently HIV Infection, CHI Chronic HIV Infection, NA Not Available