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Table 1 Antibiotic spectrum

From: Antibiotic prescriptions and risk factors for antimicrobial resistance in patients hospitalized with urinary tract infection: a matched case-control study using the French health insurance database (SNDS)

  Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical codes
Narrow spectrum Broad spectrum
Tetracycline   J01AA
Amphenicols   J01BA
Beta-lactams and penicillin J01CE; J01CF J01CA; J01CG; J01CR
Other beta-lactams J01DF J01DB; J01DC; J01DD; J01DE J01DH; J01DI
Sulfonamides and trimethoprim   J01EA; J01EB; J01EC; J01EE
Macrolides, Lincosamides, Streptogramines J01FA; J01FF; J01FG  
Aminoglycoside   J01GA; J01GB
Quinolone J01MB J01MA
Association of antibacterial   J01RA
Other antibacterial J01XA; J01XB;; J01XX J01XC; J01XD; J01XE; J01XX01