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Table 1 Basic characteristics of included patients infected/colonized with CREC

From: Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacter cloacae complex in a tertiary Hospital in Northeast China, 2010–2019

Isolation ID Specimen Infection/colinization Patient agea Sex Isolation dateb Department Outcomec
CMU1 blood Infection 51 F 2012/4/18 Hematology ward Survive
CMU2 secretion Infection 60 M 2014/9/17 Otolaryngology clinic Survive
CMU3 urine Colonization 77 F 2015/4/27 Intensive care unit Survive
CMU4 urine Colonization 57 M 2015/5/9 Urinary surgery ward Survive
CMU5 tissue Infection 29 M 2015/6/17 Orthopedic ward Survive
CMU6 urine Infection 60 M 2016/8/18 Surgical clinic Survive
CMU7 drainage Infection 52 M 2016/12/21 Intensive care unit Die
CMU8 urine Infection 86 M 2017/1/11 Intensive care unit Survive
CMU9 urine Colonization 11 M 2017/4/29 Infection ward Survive
CMU10 sputum Infection 81 F 2017/7/20 Intensive care unit Survive
CMU11 drainage Infection 66 M 2017/8/4 Hepatobiliary surgery Survive
CMU12 drainage Infection 54 M 2017/9/12 Hepatobiliary surgery Survive
CMU13 puncture fluid Infection 66 M 2017/11/7 Emergency center Survive
CMU14 urine Infection 72 M 2018/5/11 Respiratory ward Survive
CMU15 urine Colonization 61 M 2018/5/29 Urinary surgery ward Survive
CMU16 semen Infection 54 M 2018/6/13 Surgical clinic Survive
CMU17 blood Infection 8 days F 2018/6/18 Neonatal ward Survive
CMU18 blood Infection 54 M 2018/7/12 Respiratory ward Survive
CMU19 blood Infection 68 F 2018/7/19 Neurosurgery ward Survive
CMU20 sputum Colonization 82 M 2018/10/18 Respiratory ward Survive
CMU21 blood Infection 16 M 2018/11/22 Intensive care unit Survive
CMU22 sputum Infection 60 M 2018/12/19 Intensive care unit Die
CMU23 sputum Infection 77 M 2019/1/3 Hepatobiliary surgery Survive
CMU24 catheter Infection 52 M 2019/3/4 Cardiac surgery ward Die
CMU25 sputum Colonization 60 M 2019/3/22 Cardiac surgery ward Survive
CMU26 blood Infection 21 M 2019/4/11 Intensive care unit Survive
CMU27 drainage Infection 60 F 2019/5/4 Intensive care unit Die
CMU28 drainage Infection 33 M 2019/7/12 Intensive care unit Survive
CMU29 urine Infection 76 M 2019/11/17 Urinary surgery ward Survive
  1. a years
  2. b year/month/day
  3. c survive or die within 30 days