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Table 3 Adverse reactions of favipiravir

From: Favipiravir for the treatment of patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

  Reported adverse drug reactions
Favipiravir Comparator drug
Chen C, et al.
Antiviral-associated adverse effects among favipiravir group were (n, %):
Abnormal LFT, 10 (8.62); Raised serum uric acid, 16 (13.79); Psychiatric symptoms reactions, 5 (4.31); Digestive tract reactions, 16 (13.79)
Among arbidol group (n, %): Abnormal LFT, 12 (10.00); Raised serum uric acid, 3 (2.50); Psychiatric symptoms reactions, 1 (0.83); Digestive tract reactions, 14 (11.67)
Lou Y, et al. Respiratory failure occurred in 14 patients. Other adverse events were generally mild or moderate among the three Groups. The most frequent adverse events 2 occurring in the study population were similar among all groups, including elevation of 3 triglyceride (20 events), liver function abnormality (18 events), rash (7 events), and diarrhea (4 events). No abnormal 5 serum creatinine was found in all patients.
Ivashchenko AA, et al.
(Russian Federation)
Adverse drug reactions were reported in 7/40 (17.5%) patients, including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and an increase in liver transaminase levels.
The adverse drug reactions were mild to moderate and caused early discontinuation of the study drug in 2/40 (5.0%)
Cai Q, et al. Total numbers of adverse reactions were 4 in favipiravir
5.71% reported diarrhea, respectively.
None of reported for vomiting, nausa, and rash.
Total numbers of adverse reactions were 24 in LPV/RTV groups.
11.11% reported diarrhea, respectively.
11.1, 13.33, 8.89% of LPV/RTV group reported vomiting, nausa, and rash, respectively.
Doi Y, et al.
Among 82 patients, total 144 adverse events.
The most common was hyperuricemia (84.1%).
Of 32 patients who had serum uric acid level determined, 24 had the level normalized to below 7 mg/dL, with the highest being 8.8 mg/dL.
Serum triglyceride elevation (11.0%)
Serum alanine aminotransferase elevation (8.5%).
  1. LPV/RTV lopinavir/ritonavir, N/A not avialable