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Table 1 The combination of AIDS Fighter · Health Defense and IMB Skills Model

From: AIDS fighter health defense: protocol for a randomized controlled trial to test a game-based intervention to improve adolescents’ AIDS prevention ability

IMB Skills Model AIDS Fighter · Health Defense Intervention
Information 1) By simulating the “clinical manifestations” of the human body after being infected with HIV, users can understand the disease manifestations after being infected with HIV.
2) Through the “knowledge corner” and “answer questions” during the battle, the information on AIDS-related knowledge is passed to the players.
Motivation 1) The goal of this game is to eliminate HIV, which can strengthen players’ motivation to eliminate the virus.
2) The “points ranking” in the game can stimulate players’ motivation to use this game.
3) “Knowledge corner” can help players acquire AIDS-related knowledge and further stimulate healthy players to have the motivation to prevent HIV infection.
Behavioral skills 1) The behavior training of using condoms, improving antiviral medicine use, avoiding alcohol and drugs has been added to strengthen the player’s refusal of dangerous sex, refusal of intravenous drug use, and obtain antiretroviral medicine for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)