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Table 1 Literature review of human infections with Carnobacterium spp. isolated in cultures

From: Carnobacterium inhibens isolated in blood culture of an immunocompromised, metastatic cancer patient: a case report and literature review

Case Age/Sex Country Possible risk factors Type of culture/body Site Isolate Presentation Treatment Outcome Reference
1 35/M Czech Republic None Wound swab of abscess Mixed flora with C. piscicola Traumatic hand from water sawmill Amputation, debridement; Abx Cured [17]
2 13/F China None Wound swab of gangrene Mixed flora with Carnobacterium spp. Traumatic hand with pool water exposure Amputation, debridement; IPM Cured [18]
3 43/M Austria Extensive hx of handling and consuming fish ½ blood culture sets C. mobile or C. funditum Sepsis suspected from GI source CRO/AMP ➔ MXF Cured [19]
4 57/F France DM; EtOH; TPN; post-cardiac arrest 4 blood culture sets C. divergens Septic shock post-cardiac arrest; esophagectomy for necrotizing esophagitis on TPN/EN Broad spectrum Abx ➔ AMX Cured [20]
5 65/M South Korea Cancer; neutropenia on etoposide ½ blood culture sets C. divergens Febrile neutropenia with oral mucositis on TPN TZP/VAN Cured [21]
6 81/M Canada Cancer; chronic steroid use ½ blood culture sets C. inhibens Sepsis with multifocal pna CRO/VAN ➔ AMC Cured Our case
  1. Age (years old) and sex (F, female; M, male). Abbreviations: Abx antibiotics (not specified), AMC amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, AMP ampicillin, AMX amoxicillin, CRO ceftriaxone, DM diabetes mellitus, EN enteral nutrition, EtOH chronic alcohol use, GI gastrointestinal, hx history, IPM imipenem, MXF moxifloxacin, pna pneumonia, TPN total parenteral nutrition, TZP piperacillin-tazobactam, VAN vancomycin, ½ 1 of 2 positive culture sets