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Table 2 Risk of poor COVID-19 clinical outcomes with different classes of antihypertensives

From: Comparison of renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system inhibitors with other antihypertensives in association with coronavirus disease-19 clinical outcomes

Comparision Odds ratio (meta-analysis) 95% CI Method of analysis Number of studies included in the sub-meta-analysis Forest plot
ACEI to ARBs 0.94 0.84–1.04 MH 16 Figure S1
ACEIs to BBs 0.85 0.73–0.99 MH 7 Figure S2
ACEIs to CCBs 0.91 0.67–1.23 RE 8 Figure S3
ACEIs to Thiazides 1.22 1.02–1.45 MH 6 Figure S4
ACEIs to all other antihypertensives 0.91 0.84–0.99 MH 16 Figure S5
ARBs to all other antihypertensives 0.98 0.83–1.17 RE 16 Figure S6
ARBs to BBs 0.72 0.55–0.94 RE 7 Figure S7
ARBs to CCBs 0.90 0.62–1.33 RE 8 Figure S8
ARBs to Thiazides 1.15 0.97–1.37 MH 6 Figure S9
ARBs to all other non-RAAS antihypertensives 0.89 0.71–1.12 RE 11 Figure S10
ACEIs to all other non-RAAS antihypertensives 0.89 0.74–1.06 RE 11 Figure S11
CCBs to ACEI, ARBs, BBs 0.95 0.68–1.33 RE 10 Figure S12
ACEI, ARBs, BBs to CCBs and thiazides 1.13 0.87–1.47 RE 10 Figure S13
  1. Abbreviations: ACEI angiotensin-I-converting enzyme inhibitors, ARBs angiotensin II receptor blockers, BBs Beta blockers, CCBs calcium channel blockers, MH Mantel-Haenszel, RE random-effects. Figures S1-S13 are found in the supplementary file