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Table 4 Regression model – In-hospital Mortality

From: The healthcare costs of antimicrobial resistance in Lebanon: a multi-centre prospective cohort study from the payer perspective

  Odds ratio 95% Confidence Interval p-value
Community-associated infection
 Charlson comorbidity index 1.399 1.230 1.590 < 0.001
Healthcare-associated infection – “Post-infection HAIs” analysis
 At least one resistant bacteria 0.517 0.327 0.820 0.050
 Charlson comorbidity index 1.144 1.038 1.261 0.007
 Age 1.024 1.007 1.041 0.005
 Time to infection 1.078 1.040 1.117 < 0.001
Healthcare-associated infection – Propensity score matching analysis
 Charlson comorbidity index 1.258 1.140 1.389 < 0.001
 Time to infection 1.066 1.022 1.111 0.003
  1. The dependent variable is death or discharge alive. The key dependent variable is CAIs or HAIs with at least one resistant bacteria. Other independent variables included in the community-associated infection regression model were patient age, gender and Charlson co-morbidity index. In the healthcare-associated infection models, “post HAIs” and matched cohorts, the other independent variables were patient age, gender, Charlson co-morbidity index, previous exposure to antibiotics, time to infection, transfer to the Intensive care unit, mechanical ventilation, insertion of a urinary catheter, insertion of a central venous catheter, appropriateness of antibiotic therapy
  2. Abbreviations: CAIs, community-associated infections; HAIs, healthcare –associated infections