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Table 3 Risk factors for disease deterioration of patients with COVID-19 identified by LASSO regression

From: Development and validation of a simple-to-use nomogram to predict the deterioration and survival of patients with COVID-19

Intercept and variable LASSO coefficient Regression coefficient (β)
Intercept −2.298 −4.262
WBC 0.025 0.059
CRP 0.008 0.012
Lym ≥ 0.8 × 109/L 0.977 3.056
LDH ≥ 400 U/L −0.759 −1.3
  1. Notes: LASSO least absolute shrinkage and selection operator, WBC white blood cells, CRP C-reactive protein, Lym lymphocyte, LDH lactate dehydrogenase