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Table 1 The number of polar contacts observed between WT residue and neighbouring residues before and after the introduction of the RAM’s and Accessory Mutations

From: Interaction analysis of statistically enriched mutations identified in Cameroon recombinant subtype CRF02_AG that can influence the development of Dolutegravir drug resistance mutations

# RAM’s # Polar contacts
WT Mutant
1 M50I None None
2 T66A 2 (His67, Ile73) 1 (Ile73)
3 L74M 1 (Glu87) 1 (Glu87)
4 L74I 1 (Glu87) 1 (Glu87)
5 G118S None None
6 S119R 3 (Thy29, Asn120, Thr122) 3 (Thy29, Glu92, Thr122)
7 P145S 1 (Gln148) 1 (Gln148)
8 Q148H 3 (Pro145, Ser147, Val151) 1 (Pro145)
9 R263K 2 (Thy17, Cys56) 1 (Cys56)
10 N155H 4 (Val151, Glu152, Leu158, Lys159) 5 (Ade21, Val151, Glu152, Leu158, Lys159)
# Accessory Mutations WT Mutant
1 Q95K 2 (Ala98, Tyr99) 2 (Ala98, Tyr99)
2 T97A 4 (Thr93, Gly94, I101) 3 (Thr93, Gly94, Ile101)
3 G149A 4 (Gua18, Gln146, Glu152, Ser153) 4 (Gua18, Gln146, Glu152, Ser153)
4 E157Q 4 (Ser153, Met154, Lys156, Ile161) 5 (Thy20, Ade21, Ser153, Met154, Ile161)
5 D232N 3 (Asp229, Ile234, Lys236) 2 (Asp229, Ile234)
  1. The number in front of brackets is the total amount of interactions. Abbreviations used: Ade Adenine, Ala (A) Alanine, Asp (D) Aspartic acid, Glu (E) Glutamic acid, Gly (G) Glycine, Gua Guanine, His (H) Histidine, Ile (I) Isoleucine, Leu (L) Leucine, Lys (K) Lysine, Met (M) Methionine, Asn (N) Asparagine, Gln (Q) Glutamine, Arg (R) Arginine, RAM’s Resistance associated mutations, Ser (S) Serine, Thr (T) Threonine, Thy Thymidine, Tyr (Y) Tyrosine, WT Wild type. Bold indicates a change in amino acid and nucleotide. Three letter codes for IN protein residues and terminal end viral DNA nucleotides after 3′ processing are given