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Table 4 Quotes related to challenges for CT with RDD

From: Online respondent-driven detection for enhanced contact tracing of close-contact infectious diseases: benefits and barriers for public health practice

Themes Illustrative quotes
Limited opportunities for PHPs to support, motivate, and coordinate the execution of CT. “I do not know if you can really create a sense of urgency when you just send someone a web-link. Sometimes a PHS has a bit more authority, so that people really take it seriously.”
Doctor, mid-fifties
“You let go of the part where you yourself call someone. The part of: ‘will this be sent to the right people?, are we missing anyone?, are we not informing too many people?’ You can try to incorporate that into the system, but that danger will always remain.”
Nurse, early-forties
Not being able to adequately convey measures to index cases and contact persons. “Does someone understand what he is reading and what the consequences are? It makes you dependent of what the other person does. I do see it as an opportunity, but also as a risk to in the end not be able to execute the measures you would like to.”
Nurse, early-thirties
Anticipated unrest among index cases and contact persons. “The feeling I get of people … is that they appreciate to be talked to personally, so that we as professionals can explain why we call, and why we are asking questions. Then they can also ask their questions straight away. Then you can immediately take away a little bit of unrest. They immediately think the worst, that they are sick.”
Nurse, early-forties