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Table 3 Quotes related to advantages of RDD for CT

From: Online respondent-driven detection for enhanced contact tracing of close-contact infectious diseases: benefits and barriers for public health practice

Themes Illustrative quotes
Accommodating easy and autonomous participation in CT for index cases and contact persons. “I think you can take away many barriers by having the index forward this [the online CT-questionnaire]. Especially if it is possible to do so anonymously. For example, with scabies, all the bed partners, and with mumps, all the kissing partners… We do not actually need to know all of that. They can just warn those themselves.”
Nurse, mid-thirties
“In today’s society, during the day people work, sleep, or are unavailable. This provides opportunities to go around that … so those who are hard to reach by telephone could think “this is easy, I’ll just do this tonight.”
Nurse, mid-thirties
Reaching contact persons more efficiently in CT. “I believe it’s just more efficient to handle things this way [with RDD]. And if things can be done more efficiently, that appeals to me. It saves you time.”
Doctor, late-twenties
“There is an advantage for the index. With the push of a button, he can just contact his whole group. And the information will come back quickly. So… I believe that is very efficient.”
Doctor, mid-fifties