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Table 2 Periods and number of reductions of pneumonia cases in Catalonia, the percentage of reductions compared to the expected and the number of days with reduction within the period from 1 September 2018 to 4 December 2020

From: Divergences on expected pneumonia cases during the COVID-19 epidemic in Catalonia: a time-series analysis of primary care electronic health records covering about 6 million people

Age group a Period b of reduction of pneumonia cases Estimated number of reduction of pneumonia cases (95% CI) Percentage compared to expected cases (95% CI) Number of days with reduction of pneumonia cases within the period
Younger than 15 18/03/2020–26/07/2020 3534 (1005 - 6064) 84.43 (60.67–90.30) 131
06/10/2020–10/10/2020 104 (7–200) 77.04 (18.45–86.64) 5
12/10/2020–4/12/2020 1960 (917–3002) 89.15 (79.37–92.64) 54
  1. a We presented only data from the population younger than 15 years because we didn’t find any reductions in other age groups
  2. b Periods were only considered if reduction of cases extends more than 3 days