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Table 2 Summary of CMV pharyngeal or laryngeal ulceration with HIV infection in the current and previous cases

From: Refractory pharyngeal ulceration due to cytomegalovirus in a patient with HIV infection: a case report and literature review

No. (Ref) Age, yr Sex CD4 cell count (/μL) HIV RNA (copies/mL) CMV DNA or CMV antigen Site No. of biopsies Treatment Treatment period Outcome IRIS
1 [3] 27 M NA NA NA P 1 GCV 2 weeks Improved NA
2 [3] 43 M NA NA NA L 2 GCV 2 weeks Improved NA
3 [4] 36 M NA NA NA O,P 1 None NA Improved NA
4 [4] 42 M NA NA NA C,D,E,P 1 GCV 8 weeks Death NA
5 [4] 45 M NA NA NA D,L,O,P 1 GCV NA Improved NA
6 [5] 33 F 2 5.5*10^5 Antigen positive P 1 None NA Improved NA
Present case 57 M 11 3.1*10^5 Antigen positive D,P 5 GCV,VGCV 2 weeks Improved +
  1. C central nervous system, CMV cytomegalovirus, D digestive tract, E eye, F female, GCV ganciclovir, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, IRIS immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome, L larynx, M male, NA not available, O oral cavity, P pharynx, VGCV valganciclovir