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Table 1 Laboratory data on admission

From: Refractory pharyngeal ulceration due to cytomegalovirus in a patient with HIV infection: a case report and literature review

Peripheral blood Blood chemistry Serology
WBC 7100 /μL T-Bil 0.14 mg/dL CRP 3.88 mg/dL
Hb 10.2 g/dL AST 50 U/L sIL-2R 691 U/mL
PLT 22.9 × 104 /μL ALT 60 U/L RPR 26.5 R.U
    LDH 254 U/L TPLA 4187 T.U
    γ-GTP 74 U/L IGRA (−)  
    BUN 33.5 mg/dL HBs-Ag (−)  
    Cr 1.16 mg/dL HCV-Ab (−)  
       Toxo-IgG (−)  
  1. Abbreviations: ALT alanine aminotransferase, AST aspartate aminotransferase, BUN blood urea nitrogen, Cr creatinine, CRP C-reactive protein, Hb hemoglobin, HBs-Ag hepatitis B surface antigen, HCV-Ab hepatitis C antibody, IGRA interferon-γ release assay, LDH lactate dehydrogenase, PLT platelets, RPR rapid plasma reagin test, R.U. RPR units, sIL-2R soluble interleukin-2 receptor, T-Bil total bilirubin, Toxo-IgG Toxoplasma IgG, TPLA Treponema pallidum latex-agglutination, T.U. titer units, WBC white blood cells