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Table 2 Example of Analysis Process

From: Exploring and understanding HCV patient journeys- HEPCARE Europe project

Interview text unit Codes applied Codes summary
“It’s just, you’re on top of it in here, where outside your doing other things, you mightn’t have time to go to hospital, do you know what I mean?.... I know that seems silly but that’s the way it is when you’re on drugs and all, do you know what I mean?... You haven’t time to be going to the hospital.” (IE-30) Prison positive, HCV treatment, complex lifestyle, cycle of addiction, competing priorities, barrier to treatment, LTFU Prison as a haven for treatment
“What did piss me off about that first doctor when I went to xx, because that could put a lot of people off a lot worse than me. And yet I honestly feel he was trying to sort of arse poke me, getting a reaction it was getting worse. Whereas I think he said, “don’t give him an appointment before November”, or something along them lines. I don’t know. Someone else wouldn’t have gone back. What was it he said? Someone else. I think his exact words were “well we’re not going to treat people who, I forget the exact words, that’s still using or. Yea I said you’re not going to get anyone turning up for treatment. And I got the impression he thought “good” … So, yea I really got the impression he didn’t want to. And I had to change my whole life before he’d even consider treating me.” (UK-3) Judgement, barrier to treatment, HCP experience, motivation, appointment, barrier to treatment, LTFU, cycle of addiction, IDU stigma, barrier to treatment, HCP experience, judgement, barrier to treatment, personal motivation, competing priorities, LTFU Lost to follow up
“Due to the problems faced by the Romanian health care system it was difficult for me to be tested for HCV viral load or liver fibrosis staging in the hospital. Due to enrolment in HepCare Project I could benefit of these investigations and finally initiated the treatment. Without this program, probably I would have got treatment but much later, at an advanced liver disease stage and with a higher risk of complications” (RO) Barriers to treatment, eligibility requirements, delayed treatment, LTFU, HepCare, HCV support, improved treatment access, offered treatment, delayed treatment, advanced disease HepCare improved access to treatment
I: Would you have received treatment if it wasn’t for this program?
P: I don’t know, probably no because I didn’t know about the new treatment. I thought that the treatment was the interferon and I said one day that I wouldn’t ever be treated with this” (SP- 5)
Treatment regime, new treatment unknown, HCV misinformed, HepCare, HCV educated, awareness, access to services HCV education needed