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Table 1 Ranking of species-specific age-adjusted rates by sex

From: Epidemiological risk factors and the geographical distribution of eight Mycobacterium species

Rank Male R2 Trend Female R2 Trend
1 M. mucogenicum 0.9942 Descending with age M. fortuitum 0.8160 Descending with Age
2 M. gordonae 0.7439 Ascending with age M. avium 0.4524 Ascending with Age
3 M. kansasii 0.4922 Descending with age M. mucogenicum 0.3289 Descending with Age
4 M. peregrinum 0.3338 Descending with age M. abscessus 0.2222 Descending with Age
5 M. avium 0.3313 Ascending with age M. chelonae 0.0055 No Trend
6 M. abscessus 0.1206 No trend M. kansasii 0.0033 No trend
7 M. fortuitum 0.101 No trend M. gordonae 0.0026 No trend
8 M. chelonae 0.0533 No trend M. peregrinum 0.0000 No trend