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Table 2 Laboratory findings of selected human samples underwent IFA confirmation

From: An outbreak investigation of scrub typhus in Nepal: confirmation of local transmission

Sample collection sites Total samples Positive by RDT (%) Positive by IgM ELISA (%) Positive by IFA (%)
NPHL 50 NT 30 (60.0) 26 (52.0)
Bharatpur hospital 11 3 (27.3) NT 3 (27.3)
  1. A fraction of samples (n = 61) from suspected scrub typhus cases were randomly selected and sent to reference laboratory (Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangkok, Thailand) for IFA confirmation. RDT, rapid diagnostic test; ELISA Enzyme linked immune-sorbent assay; IFA, Indirect fluorescence antibody assay; NPHL National Public Health Laboratory; NT Not tested