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Table 5 Frequency of all the 13 genes in the 43 GBS isolates

From: Analysis of virulence factors and antibiotic resistance genes in group B streptococcus from clinical samples

Name of Gene Primer Name Frequency (%)
Housekeeping Gene
  atr 100
Mobile Genetic Element
  IS1548 9.3
Virulence Genes
 Hyaluronate lyase hly 97.8
 C5a peptidase scpB 90.1
 alpha/α antigens of the C protein bca 86.0
 Surface protein Rib rib 69.8
 beta/β antigens of the C protein bac 11.6
Antibiotic Resistance Genes
 Tetracycline Resistance tetM 97.6
 Tetracycline Resistance tetO 2.4
 Erythromycin Ribosomal Methylase ermB 34.5
 Erythromycin Ribosomal Methylase ermTR 10.3
 Macrolide efflux mefA 3.4
 Clindamycin Resistance linB 0