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Table 1 Reference sequences used in plotting the phylogenetic tree of this study

From: Prevalence and genotype distribution of group A rotavirus circulating in Shanxi Province, China during 2015–2019

Accession number Strains Date Location Genotypes Accession number Strains Date Location Genotypes
KU243671 WZ202 2016 Zhejiang (China) G1 MG816527 SC6 2013 Sichuan (China) G9
KX009876 Kerala-RV01 2013 India G1 KX778608 km15119 2016 Yunnan (China) G9
GU565057 RotaTeq-WI79–9 1992 USA G1 KT919508 VU12–13-101 2013 USA G9
HM130956 KR/Seoul-710 2009 Korea G2 LC477377 Tokyo18–43 2018 Japan G9
LC477357 Tokyo17–10 2017 Japan G2 AB180971 A2 19xxa USA G9
GU565068 RotaTeq-SC2–9 1992 USA G2 KX363355 14,150 2012 Vietnam G9
KF371856 E2432 2010 Hubei (China) G3 MF139499 CU192 2016 Thailand G9
LC477355 Tokyo17–08 2017 Japan G3 KU243609 WZ189 2013 Zhejiang (China) P[4]
KY661928 1CR7 2015 Thailand G3 MG729831 Hu/13–146 2013 Shanghai (China) P[4]
GU565079 RotaTeq-WI78–8 1992 USA G3 KF372017 Z1602 2012 Hubei (China) P[8]
EU348715 P50 20xxa Slovenia G3 KX778584 Km15119 2016 Yunnan (China) P[8]
KX911619 CU140 2016 Thailand G3 MG816520 SC1 2014 Sichuan (China) P[8]
L35055 A131 1988 Venezuela G3 MF580855 Hu/JS2012 2012 Jiangsu (China) P[8]
KF673479 BJ-Q322 2011 Beijing (China) G9 LC477409 Tokyo18–50 2018 Japan P[8]
KF673482 BJ-Q794 2012 Beijing (China) G9 GU565044 RotaTeq-WI79–4 1992 USA P[8]
MF580843 Hu/JS2013 2013 Jiangsu (China) G9      
  1. Note: a There are missing data