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Table 1 Paediatric patients admitted with COVID-19

From: A case series of children and young people admitted to a tertiary care hospital in Germany with COVID-19

Range (years)
Sex Past medical history Clinical presentation Laboratory findings Infiltrates in X-ray or CT Treatment Co-Infections Complications b) MIS-C Outcome
Fever Respiratory Symptoms Gastrointestinal Symptoms Other
Max. CRP (mg/dl) Max. D-Dimer (μg/ml) Max. Troponin (ng/ml) PICU treatment Oxygen support Invasive ventilation Pharmaco-logical treatment b)
1 < 1 m Healthy X   X   Neg NA NA NA      None None   Complete recovery
2 ≥ 16 w Kidney transplantation 2008, immunosuppressive treatment X X X   38 50 507 Yes X X X Antibiotic, antifungal, heparin None Pneumonia, pleural effusion, acute renal failure, hypertension X Complete recovery
3 ≥ 16 m Hypoplastic left heart syndrome   X   Hypoxaemia 15 6 Neg No X X   None None Cerebral vasculitis, myocarditis X Died 11 days after discharge
4 6–12 m Oesophageal atresia, recurrent otitis media, multiple interventions X   X Orbital swelling 16 5 Neg NA     Antibiotic NA None   Mild residual symptoms
5 = 15 6–12 m Rhabdomyosarcoma, cytotoxic chemotherapy   X    5 Neg Neg NA     Antibiotic None None   Complete recovery, Reinfection
6 6–12 w Healthy X X X   16 5 14 Yes   X   Antibiotic, heparin, defibrotide None Terminal ileitis, pneumonia, polyserositis X Complete recovery
7 ≥ 16 w Severe immunodeficiency syndrome with T-cell-disorder, HSCT 2019 X X X   14 1 Neg Yes   X   Antibiotic, antifungal, ribavirin, valganciclovir Throat swab: HSV-1, CMV, EBV, HHV-6, Enterobacter cloacae Pneumonia, pericardial effusion X Complete recovery
8 < 1 w Healthy     Livid discoloration of the legs 2 2 NA NA     None NA None   Mild residual symptoms
9 6–12 w Asthma, obesity X X    Neg Neg Neg NA     Inhaled beta-2-mimetics NA None   Complete recovery
10 13–15 m Sickle cell anaemia, Asthma   X   Haematuria 6 7 Neg No   Xa)   Antibiotic, heparin NA None   Mild residual symptoms
11 13–15 m Healthy X X X Haemat-emesis 13 1 Neg Yes     Antibiotic, heparin Sputum: Streptococcus pneumoniae Bacterial pneumonia   Mild residual symptoms
12 < 1 m Healthy X X    Neg NA NA NA     Antibiotic None None   complete recovery
13 1–2 w Chronic Bronchitis X X    2,5 Neg Neg NA     None NA None   complete recovery
14 ≥ 16 w Liver transplantation 2019, immunosuppressive treatment   X X   6 NA NA NA     None NA None   complete recovery
15 = 5 6–12 m Rhabdomyosarcoma, cytotoxic chemotherapy   X    Neg Neg Neg NA     None NA None   Mild residual symptoms
  1. Abbreviations: CMV cytomegalovirus, CRP C-reactive protein, CT computed tomography, EBV Epstein-Barr virus, F female, HHV-6 human herpesvirus 6, HSCT haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, HSV herpes simplex virus, M male, MIS-C multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, neg negative, NA not assessed, PICU paediatric intensive care unit
  2. aTherapeutic oxygen without respiratory impairment; bCOVID-19 related