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Table 1 Study group characteristics and selected clinical parameters that may affect the occurrence of pain in HIV-infected individuals

From: Is age and not antiretroviral therapy the strongest risk factor for chronic pain in HIV-infected population?

Study group parameters (n = 196) Median Q1 Q3
Age of subjects at the time of their registration at SC (years) 31.9 26.8 39.9
Age of subjects at study inclusion (years) 41.0 34.4 49.0
BMI prior to study inclusion (kg/m2) 23.6 21.3 25.9
BP prior to study inclusion: systolic/diastolic (mm Hg) 136/88 127/80 145/91
ART duration (years) 4.3 2.5 10.9
CD4+ cell count at registration at SC (cells/mcL) 350 192 526
CD4+ cell count prior to study inclusion (cells/mcL) 550 424 704
CRP levels at registration at SC (IU) 5.0 5.0 9.0
CRP levels prior to study inclusion (IU) 6.0 5.0 9.0
Serum HGB at registration at SC (g/dL) 14.2 12.8 15.1
Serum HGB prior to study inclusion (g/dL) 15.0 13.9 15.9
  1. ART Antiretroviral therapy, BMI Body mass index, BP Blood pressure, CRP C-reactive protein, HGB Hemoglobin, IU International units, Q Quartile, SC Specialist HIV/AIDS clinic