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Table 2 Subgroup analysis of bacterial isolates by type of otitis media

From: Bacterial otitis media in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Bacterial isolateType of otitis media, prevalence % (95% CI)
Patients with CSOMPatients with OMPediatric patients OM
Pooled prevalence (%)No of studyI2 (%)Pooled prevalence (%)No of studyI2 (%)Pooled prevalence (%)No of studyI2 (%)
S. aureus18(11–25)1496.223(19–27)1288.2927(15–39)794.9
Streptococcus spp5(3–7)1079.182(1–4)870.7910(4–15)582.7
Pseudomonas spp23(18–29)1492.4724(18–29)1293.9525(16–33)788.33
Proteus spp19(15–22)1281.0019(14–23)1289.6811(5–18)690.29
E. coli9(6–11)1388.047(3–10)1194.068(5–11)757.47
Klebsiella spp12(9–16)1291.157(5–10)1191.015(1–9)482.95
Other Enterobacteriaceae10(2–17)595.7311(6–17)692.317(1–14)3 
S. pneumoniae3 (1–6)488.292 (1–4)592.876 (3–9)439.46
H. influenzae2 (0–3)2 1 (0–3)1 8(5–11)2