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Table 6 Hospital discharges with influenza as the main diagnosis in school-aged population by ICD-10 (2010–2016)

From: Influenza in the school-aged population in Mexico: burden of disease and cost-effectiveness of vaccination in children

ICD-10Main diagnosisDischargesTotal bed-daysAverage bed-days
J09XInfluenza due to certain identified influenza virus895616.3
J100Influenza with pneumonia, other influenza virus identified382907.6
J101Influenza with other respiratory manifestations, other influenza virus identified722723.8
J108Influenza with other manifestations, other influenza virus identified18784.3
J110Influenza with pneumonia, virus not identified1589365.9
J111Influenza with other respiratory manifestations, virus not identified41013703.3
J118Influenza with other manifestations, virus not identified29893.1
  1. The data used in this table were obtained from the Automated Hospital Discharge System, SAEH [19]
  2. Abbreviation: ICD-10 International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision