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Table 1 Clinical management by scenarios

From: Influenza in the school-aged population in Mexico: burden of disease and cost-effectiveness of vaccination in children

 No medical careOutpatient onlyHospitalisation: Referred from outpatient clinicHospitalisation: admitted through ER
Health outcomeNot demanding medical careOutpatient onlyHospitalisation, dischargeHospital care, deathOutpatientHospitalisation, non-severeHospitalisation, severeHospitalisation, death
 Number of outpatient consultations 111    
 Number of ER consultations    1111
 Percent of patients diagnosed using PCR (%) 101010100100100100
Direct costs
 Number of outpatient consultations 1      
 Number of specialist consultations  231234
 |Amantadine (Y/N)YNNNNNNN
 Oseltamivir (Y/N)NYYYYYYY
 Paracetamol (Y/N)YYYYYYYY
 Bacteriologic culture (Y/N)NNYYNYYY
 Ceftriaxone (Y/N)NNYYNYYY
 Hospitalisation (days)
Indirect costs
 Medical disability (days)  314141424 
 Years of life lost   X   X
  1. Abbreviations: ER emergency room; PCR polymerase chain reaction