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Table 1 General characteristics of studies included in this meta-analysis

From: Prevalence estimates of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection among visceral leishmaniasis infected people in Northwest Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

S.N.Author(s) and year of publicationStudy AreaStudy periodNo. of VL infected peopleNo. of individuals with HIV coinfectionPrevalence of HIV coinfection (%)Study de signRisk of bias assessment
1Alemayehu et al., 2017 [29]Northwest20164628217.75Facility-based cross-sectionalLow risk
2Bantie et al., 2014 [30]Northwest20131093330.3Facility-based case-controlLow risk
3Beshah, 2011 [31]Northwest2005–20091114137Facility-based retrospectiveMedium risk
4Endris et al., 2014 [32]Northwest2012831315.7Facility-based
Low risk
5Diro et al., 2019 [33]Northwest2014–20155368115.11Randomized control trialLow risk
6Diro et al., 2015 [34]Northwest2012–2013570366.3Facility-based retrospectiveLow risk
7Diro et al., 2015 [25]Northwest2011–201212210.82Facility-based
prospective study
Medium risk
8Hailu et al., 2010 [35]Northwest2008–2009521325Facility-based retrospectiveMedium risk
9Herrero et al., 2009 [36]Northwest2005–20072985016.77Facility-based retrospectiveLow risk
10Hurissa et al., 2010 [24]Northwest2006–20082419238.17Facility-based retrospectiveLow risk
11Lyons et al., 2010 [37]Northwest1998–20002134923Facility-based retrospectiveLow risk
12Mengesha et al., 2007 [38]Northwest20124034210.4Facility-based cross-sectionalLow risk
13Mengistu and Ayele, 2007 [23]Northwest1999–20042128741Facility-based retrospectiveLow risk
14Ritmeijer et al., 2011 [39]Northwest200437510728.53Randomized control trialLow risk
15Ritmeijer et al., 2006 [26]Northwest2007–200928919567.5Facility-based retrospectiveLow risk
16Ritmeijer et al., 2001 [40]Northwest1998–19991472718.6Randomized control trialLow risk
17Ter Hors et al., 2009 [41]Northwest2006–20071284434.4Facility-based cross-sectionalLow risk
18Welay et al., 2007 [42]Northwest210–2013595498.2Facility-based retrospectiveLow risk
19Yimer et al., 2014 [43]North, Amhara20134097418.1Facility-based cross-sectionalLow risk