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Table 6 Final multivariate logistic regression model of factors associated with clinicians making an accurate rabies exposure risk assessment, defined by agreement of clinicians’ risk assessment with an independent assessment based on criteria listed in the NRMG

From: Evaluation of post-exposure prophylaxis practices to improve the cost-effectiveness of rabies control in human cases potentially exposed to rabies in southern Bhutan

VariableCoefficient EstimateSEMultiplier1,3P-value
 Medical Doctor    
 Clinical Officer−0.700.630.50.26
 Health Assistant1.100.493.00.02
Health Centre Type
 Basic Health Unit    
 District Hospital2.050.737.80.00
 Regional Hospital2.871.1617.60.01
Female*Health Assistants2−1.700.840.20.04
  1. 1 Multiplicative effect on the odds of the outcome, due to being in this stratum compared to the reference stratum. This corresponds to the odds ratio only for variables for which there were no interactions in the model
  2. 2The interaction between Gender and Designation; there were no female Clinical Officers in the study
  3. 3The Odds Ratio for varying levels of gender and designations can be obtained by combining the corresponding coefficients, e.g. OR of correct risk assessment for male health assistant compared to female health assistants is exp.(1.10)/exp.(− 0.77 + 1.10–1.70) = 12.