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Table 4 Rabies risk classification stratified by clinician designation for 194 cases potentially exposed to rabies for which the clinician recorded a risk classification in 13 health centers in high rabies risk areas of southern Bhutan

From: Evaluation of post-exposure prophylaxis practices to improve the cost-effectiveness of rabies control in human cases potentially exposed to rabies in southern Bhutan

Cases for which clinicians recorded the risk category (n = 194)Cases for which clinicians did not record the risk category (n = 79)
Clinician designation:C1 (%)U1 (%)O1 (%)Tot.None2Mod.2Severe2NA3Percentage not recorded
 Medical doctor52 (52%)40 (40%)8 (8%)10001212019.4%
 Clinical officer9 (47%)3 (16%)7 (37%)19087044.1%
 Health assistant41 (55%)28 (37%)6 (8%)7502019134.8%
 Total102 (53%)71 (37%)21 (11%)19404038128.9%
  1. 1: C = correct risk assessment, U = under-estimation of the risk, O = over-estimation of the risk
  2. 2: risk determined as per independent assessment using NRGM
  3. 3: impossible to determine the risk based on the questionnaire information