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Table 3 Animal species involved, type of exposure and demographics for 273 cases potentially exposed to rabies through contact with animals (categories not mutually exclusive)

From: Evaluation of post-exposure prophylaxis practices to improve the cost-effectiveness of rabies control in human cases potentially exposed to rabies in southern Bhutan

VariableFrequency (%)Case demographics
MaleFemaleMedian age
Animal species (all exposure types)
 Pet dog140 (51%)796118.5
 Free roaming dog81 (30%)483313.0
 Cat40 (15%)162420.0
 Cattle/buffalo12 (4%)5733.5
 Rodents/wild animals5 (2%)2327
Exposure types (all species)
 Bites (with bleeding)152 (56%)856718.5
 Bites (no bleeding)61 (22%)352616.0
 Scratches52 (19%)262615.5
 Licks or Nibbles11 (4%)5622.0
 Carcass handling (cattle/buffalo)6 (2%)3339.0
 Indirect exposure (consumption of milk/milk products or contact with animal products)8 (3%)3528.0