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Fig. 1

From: Explaining age disparities in tuberculosis burden in Taiwan: a modelling study

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of TB dynamic model. This is a simplified model structure of TB natural history within a single age group. Each box represents mutually exclusive disease states (S-susceptible, Lf-latent with fast progression, Lref-latent with fast progression from reinfection, Ls-latent with slow progression, PTB-pulmonary TB disease; ETB-extrapulmonary TB disease, TX-under treatment, and R-recovered). Arrows denote transitions between two states, with blue and green ones respectively highlighting the ‘infection’ and ‘progression’ processes that the proposed mechanisms modify (a-infection, b-primary progression, c-stabilisation from Lf/Lref to Ls, d-reinfection, e-reactivation, f-treatment initiation, g-natural recovery, h-treatment completion, i-relapse, j-stabilisation from R to Ls). For simplicity, birth, natural death and death during treatment are not shown in the figure

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