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Table 3 Sensitivities and their 95%CI for all index tests in diagnosing lab-confirmed versus presumptive dengue

From: Diagnostic accuracy and utility of three dengue diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of acute dengue infection in Malaysia

Index TestsLab-confirmed denguePresumptive dengue
ViroTrack Dengue Acute NS1117/15222/71
77.0 (69.5–83.4)31.0 (20.5–43.1)
SD Dengue NS1 Ag ELISA127/15524/72
81.9 (75.0–87.6)33.3 (22.7–45.4)
SD Bioline DD NS1 only106/15513/72
68.4 (60.4–75.6)18.1 (10.0–28.9)
SD Bioline DD IgM only56/15547/72
36.1 (28.6–44.2)65.3 (53.1–76.1)
SD Bioline DD IgG only25/15538/72
16.1 (10.7–22.9)52.8 (40.7–64.7)
SD Bioline DD NS1 or IgM123/15549/72
79.4 (72.1–85.4)68.1 (56.0–78.6)
SD Bioline DD NS1 or IgM or IgG127/15560/72
81.9 (75.0–87.6)83.3 (72.7–91.1)
  1. The italic numbers shown before the sensitivity estimates are true positives over all disease-positives for the respective assay