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Table 4 Spiegelhalter-Knill-Jones

From: Comparison of predictive models for hepatitis C co-infection among HIV patients in Cambodia

PredictorUnadjusted LRAdjusted LRscore
Age ≥50 years2.250.712.180.72+1
Male gender0.991.01-- 
Platelets <200×109 cells/L3.460.621.690.82+1
AST ≥30 IU/L2.210.281.480.53−1
ALT ≥40 IU/L2.330.49-- 
APRI ≥0.453.880.332.420.48+1/−1
Diabetes mellitus3.760.902.140.94+1
Fatigue or myalgia/arthralgia2.110.88-- 
or anorexia/weight loss     
Generalized pruritus2.610.942.040.95+1
Household member and/or3.210.873.620.85+1
partner with liver disease     
Poor CD4 recovery on ART1.340.99--