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Table 3 Etiological distribution and sensitivity for all pathogens detected by two methods

From: Suspension microarray-based comparison of oropharyngeal swab and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid for pathogen identification in young children hospitalized with respiratory tract infection

PathogensTotalOropharyngeal swabBronchoalveolar lavage fluidP valuea
No. identifiedSensitivity (95% CI)No. identifiedSensitivity (95% CI)
RSV191579 (54–94)1684 (60–97)NS
SP171482 (57–96)1059 (33–82)NS
Hi161275 (48–93)1169 (41–89)NS
MP13862 (32–86)1292 (64–100)NS
Adv7457 (18–90)7100 (59–100)NS
BP5360 (15–95)480 (28–99)NS
HBov5360 (15–95)480 (28–99)NS
PIV44100 (40–100)375 (19–99)NS
MC400 (0–60)4100 (40–100)< 0.05
INF-A3133 (1–91)3100 (29–100)NS
INF-B2150 (1–99)150 (1–99)NS
HMPV2150 (1–99)2100 (16–100)NS
All pathogens976769 (59–78)7981 (72–88)< 0.05
  1. NS non-significant
  2. Adv adenovirus, HBoV human bocavirus, HMPV human metapneumovirus, INF-A influenza A, INF-B influenza B, PIV parainfluenza viruses, RSV respiratory syncytial virus, BP Bordetella pertussis, Hi Haemophilus influenzae, MC Moraxella catarrhalis, MP Mycoplasma pneumoniae, SP Streptococcus pneumoniae
  3. a Chi-squared test or Fisher’s exact test