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Table 1 Target population for micro-elimination of HCV in Belgium

From: Eliminating viral hepatitis C in Belgium: the micro-elimination approach

SUBGROUPEstimated number of Hepatitis c infections
Children (under age 15)Newly diagnosed (and reported) HCV cases in 2015: 19 cases aged under 15 years of age [12]
Coinfected with HIV353 (calculated, 2.4% of HIV-positive population) [13, 14]
Generational cohorts with high prevalence (born 1945–1965)No data
Patients on HD297 (4% of patients on HD in Belgium) [15]
Haemophilia patientsNo national data; 11 patients remaining at the University Hospital Leuven
MSMNo national data: 19 out of 1055 (1.8%) in 2017 at ITM Antwerp
Migrants from high-prevalence countries18,607 estimated (range 9729-32,764) [16]
Patients with advanced liver disease21,875 [17, 18]
PWID2970 calculated used benchmark multiplier methodology [19]
Prisoners1777 calculated (15.1% HCV-infected of 11,769 prisoners) [20, 21]
Transplant recipients146 (12.6%) out of 1156 liver transplants between 2008 and 2012 [6]; 11 at one site [6]
  1. Abbreviations: HCV hepatitis C virus; HD haemodialysis; MSM men who have sex with men; ITM Institute of Tropical Medicine; PWID people who inject drugs