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Table 1 Characteristics of samples included (one sample per patient)

From: Diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis using the MPT64 antigen detection test in a high-income low tuberculosis prevalence setting

  TB cases1non-TB cases
  n = 31n = 243
Sample material
 Lymph node aspirates 74
 Lymph node biopsies 717
 Other biopsies 1252
 Pus 213
 Pleural fluid 3133
 Ascites 08
 Pericardial fluid 03
 Synovial fluid 010
 Other fluids 03
Number of samples per patient2
 1 sample 24200
 2 samples 633
 3 samples 06
 4 samples 13
 5 samples 01
 BiopsiesFine-needle aspiratePuss and fluid samples
 n = 88n = 11n = 175
Sample sent to both microbiology and pathology laboratories68983
1-step PCR3268
Sample only sent to the microbiology laboratoryN/AN/A92
1-step PCRN/AN/A12
Sample only sent to the pathology laboratory202N/A
  1. Abbreviations: TB, tuberculosis; PCR, polymerase chain reaction, N/A, not applicable
  2. 1Includes 5 clinically diagnosed patients
  3. 2Number of samples per patient included at different time points. Patients with the same material from the same site (n = 27), different material from the same site (n = 13), material from different locations (n = 6), material from different locations, multiple samples collected from some of these locations (n = 4)
  4. 3Microscopy performed at pathology and/or microbiology laboratory. A sample with discordant microscopy results between the laboratories (n = 2) is registered as positive