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Table 5 Association of Salmonella infection with socio-demographic characteristics, clinical symptoms, and behavioral factors among participants with gastrointestinal complaints

From: Factors associated with Salmonella infection in patients with gastrointestinal complaints seeking health care at Regional Hospital in Southern Highland of Tanzania

VariablesCOR (95% CI)p-valueAOR (95% CI)p-value
Male (Ref: Female)0.6 (0.33–1.20)0.1580.5 (0.23–1.09)0.083
Employed (Ref: Unemployed)2.7 (1.33–5.43)0.0053.03 (1.42–6.49)0.004
Abdominal Pain8.2 (1.93–34.62)0.0018.5 (1.81–39.78)0.007
Diarrhea2.5 (1.31–4.57)0.0042.19 (1.13–4.24)0.020
Joint pain1.9 (1.01–3.59)0.0451.8 (0.97–3.77)0.060
Wells/River Source of water (Ref: Tape water)2.2 (1.15–4.04)0.0152.02 (1.05–3.88)0.035
Drink untreated water2.5 (1.30–4.95)0.0052.6 (1.21–5.48)0.014
Eat at restaurant2.3 (1.07–4.82)0.0293.4 (1.28–8.93)0.032
Wash hand in basin (Ref: Running water)1.5 (0.81–2.78)0.1961.3 (0.60–2.61)0.545
  1. Key: AOR Adjusted odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, COR Crude odds ratio, Ref Reference