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Table 4 Diagnostic testing characteristics for each unique SSTI case (n = 137)

From: Antibiotic use among twelve Canadian First Nations communities: a retrospective chart review of skin and soft tissue infections

Diagnostic testn(%)
Blood culture2(1.46)
Complete Blood Count (CBC)4(2.92)
Wound culture (n = 40)a40(29.20)
 Skin breakdown1(2.50)
 No diagnostic test84(61.31)
  1. aSub-division of infection characteristic by would culture sub-sample (n = 40). Definitions of sub-categories were: purulent infections – abscesses, boils, folliculitis, impetigo and open wounds or sores with pus or purulent discharge. Non-purulent infections – cellulitis and other infections with swelling or redness but no pus or discharge. Skin breakdowns – lacerations, rashes, scabs, warts and abrasions. Wounds – open sores, ulcers, bite wounds and surgical site infections