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Table 2 Lists and characteristics of included studies

From: Prevalence of Vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author, publication yearStudy periodStudy area/ regionStudy designStudy subjectsSample sizePrevalence of enterococci, N (%)Type of specimenAST methodPrevalence of VRE, N (%)Types of isolates (species)Publication history
Abamecha, 2015 [48]January to July 2013Jima University Specialized Hospital, OromiaCSHospitalized patients150114 (76.00)Stool, rectal swabsDisc diffusion, MIC for VRE2 (1.8)E.faecium, E.faecalis, E.gallinarum, E.casseliflavus, E.duransPublished
Abebe, 2014 [37]July to September 2013University of Gondar Teaching Hospital, AmharaCSHIV positive and HIV negative clients226201 (88.94)StoolDisc diffusion11 (5.5)Not identified to species levelPublished
Agegne, 2018 [36]February to May 2017West Amhara Hospitals, AmharaCSHIV patients on ART349220 (63.04)StoolDisc diffusion17 (7.7)Not identified to species levelPublished
Ali, 2018 [35]February to May, 2017Dessie Referral Hospital, AmharaCSHIV positive and HIV negative clients300112 (37.33)StoolDisc diffusion7 (6.3)Not identified to species levelPublished
Ayelign, 2018 [33]February to June 2015University of Gondar Hospital, AmharaCSPediatric patients3103 (0.97)UrineDisc diffusion1 (33.3)Not identified to species levelPublished
Birri, 2013 [23]Not reportedDilla town, SNNPRCSHealthy infants aged 3 to 26 weeks2853 (189.29)aStoolDilution/MIC1 (1.9)E.faecium, E.faecalis, E.avium, E.canintestini, E.maldoratus, E.raffinosus, E.gallinarumPublished
Eshetu, 2017 [44]April to September 2016Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis AbabaCSBlood stream infection suspects4225 (1.18)BloodDisc diffusion3 (60.0)Not identified to species levelUnpublished
Fentie, 2018 [32]February to April 2017University of Gondar teaching Hospital, AmharaCSCancer patients2162 (0.93)Blood, urine, wound swab, ear dischargeDisc diffusion1 (50.0)Not identified to species levelPublished
Ferede, 2018 [41]April to May 2016Black Lion/Tikur Anbesa Specialized
Hospital, Addis Ababa
CSPatients suspected for UTI, wound infection, septicemia, endocarditis, meningitis42215 (3.55)Blood, urine, body fluid, CSF, PusDisc diffusion1 (6.7)Not identified to species levelPublished
Gebrish, 2019 [47]February to March 2016Jimma University Specialized Hospital, OromiaCSHospitalized pediatric patients5212 (23.08)Stool, rectal swabsDisc diffusion1 (8.3)E.faecalis, E.faecalis, E.gallinarumPublished
Jemal, 2017 [34]July to December 2016Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, AmharaCSHIV patients on ART3844 (1.04)BloodDisc diffusion0.5b (10.0)Not identified to species levelUnpublished
Lega, 2015 [42]April to July 2015Yekatit 12 Hospital Medical
College, Addis Ababa
CSDiabetic patients2462 (0.81)UrineDisc diffusion1 (50.0)Not identified to species levelUnpublished
Mitiku, 2018 [40]September 2017 to June 2018Tikur Anbesa Specialized Hospital, Addis AbabaCSUnder 5 children with febrile illness34011 (3.24)BloodDisc diffusion0.5b (4.2)Not identified to species levelUnpublished
Mohammed, 2017 [31]March to May, 2014University of Gondar Referral
Hospital, Amhara
CSPatients with wound infections1372 (1.46)Wound swabDisc diffusion1 (50.0)Not identified to species levelPublished
Molalign, 2016 [39]September 2015 to May 2016Arsho Advanced Medical laboratory, Addis AbabaCSUTI patients71215 (2.11)UrineDilution/MIC7 (46.7)E.faecalis,
Sorsa, 2019 [46]April 2016 to May 2017Asella teaching and referral hospital, OromiaCSNeonates with sepsis3036 (1.98)BloodDisc diffusion1 (16.7)Not identified to species levelPublished
Teklehaymanot, 2016July to September 2015Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Addis AbabaCSPatients suspected for body fluid pathogens3842 (0.52)CSF, ascites, pleural fluid, synovial fluidDisc diffusion0.5 b (16.7)Not identified to species levelUnpublished
Toru, 2018 [45]April to September 2016Jimma University Specialized
Hospital, Oromia
CSPediatric patients (<  15 years)40322 (5.46)Urine, blood,
swabs, closed abscess, body fluids, CSF
Disc diffusion5 (22.7)Not identified to species levelPublished
Woldemariam, 2019 [38]April to July 2015St. Paul Specialized Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis AbabaCSAdult diabetic patients2486 (2.42)UrineDisc diffusion1 (16.7)Not identified to species levelPublished
Yilema, 2017 [30]February to May 2014University of Gondar Teaching Hospital, AmharaCSPatients requiring culture and AST38524 (6.23)Urine, blood, wound swabs,
ear discharge, ascites, abscess
Disc diffusion10 (41.7)Not identified to species levelPublished
  1. AST Antimicrobial Susceptibility testing, ART Antiretroviral Therapy, CS Cross-sectional, CSF Cerebrospinal Fluid, VRE Vancomycin resistant enterococci, MIC Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, SNNPR Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region
  2. a: multiple enterococcal species were isolated from a single infant; b: 0.5 was added as a continuity correction to include the study in the analysis