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Table 1 Increase of mutation types and rates associated with failure of first-line treatment for HIV-1 CRF01_AE

From: Natural polymorphisms in HIV-1 CRF01_AE strain and profile of acquired drug resistance mutations in a long-term combination treatment cohort in northeastern China

Site of RTB-WT Mutation rate (%)Increase (%)Binomial distributionMcNemar test
MutationsBaselineTFZ valuepp
62AV014.314.32.542< 0.050.031
65KR057.157.15.797< 0.05< 0.001
68SG4.826.221.42.715< 0.050.004
70KE, R09.59.52.049< 0.050.125
75VL, I, A4.823.819.02.494< 0.050.008
101KE, Q, N052.452.45.460< 0.05< 0.001
103KR, N, S21.442.921.52.103< 0.050.004
106VM2.423.821.42.911< 0.050.012
115YF09.59.52.049< 0.050.125
179VD, I, A, T, E26.> 0.050.008
181YC042.942.94.786< 0.05< 0.001
184MV, I047.647.65.123< 0.05< 0.001
190GS, C066.766.76.481< 0.05< 0.001
228LR011.911.92.306< 0.050.063
  1. B-WT subtype B wild type, TF treatment failure. Boldface P values indicate P < 0.05. The boldface sites are known drug resistance-associated sites. The mutations listed are the types of mutations that occur at TF time point