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Table 3 Primary and secondary endpoints, data sources und collection methods

From: Ambulatory screening and decontamination to prevent Staphylococcus aureus complications in patients undergoing elective surgery (STAUfrei): study protocol for a controlled intervention study

Primary data collectionRoutine data collection Heidenheim ClinicRoutine data collection
Health insurance data
PatientsGPs, Link NursesClinical dataClinical data*Routine data AOK-BW**
• Acceptance / feasibility / satisfaction (QS)
• Compliance (QS)
• Acceptance/ feasibility / satisfaction (FG)• Primary endpoint: Colonization upon hospital admission (MSSA und MRSA) (Lab)
• Wound infection rates (SSI)
• Recolonization with MRSA 3 + 6 months post-surgery (Lab)
• Risk assessment
• MRSA colonization rates (2015–2018)
• Length of stay
• Rehospitalisation rates
• Costs secondary care (incremental cost monitoring)
• MRSA colonization rates (2015 onwards)
• Wound infection rates (SSI)
• Rehospitalisation rates
• Costs primary and secondary care (incremental cost monitoring)
  1. QS Questionnaires, FG Focus groups, Lab Laboratory test result, (A) data for study group comparison (IG vs. CG) and time series analysis* (B) data for time series analysis only**