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Table 1 Primary and secondary objectives

From: Ambulatory screening and decontamination to prevent Staphylococcus aureus complications in patients undergoing elective surgery (STAUfrei): study protocol for a controlled intervention study

Primary research question
Does the implementation of measures in the primary care setting including ambulatory screening and decontamination reduce MRSA and MSSA colonization rates upon hospital admission?
Secondary objectives
Do primary care measures (patient supervision and support through GP practices pre- and post-surgery) reduce recolonization rates (MRSA) amongst patients who underwent elective surgery?
Does a reduction in MSSA colonization upon hospital admission correlate with an improved quality of care measured by a reduction in surgical site infections, length of stay and rehospitalisation?
Does the implementation of decontamination measures in the primary care setting lead to a reduction of associated costs for patients undergoing elective surgery?
How is the feasibility of the intervention evaluated by participating GP practices?
How do patients evaluate the feasibility of the decontamination in the home environment?