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Table 1 The Tuberculosis (TB) Contact Score. Maximum score per subject = 18

From: Identification of subclinical tuberculosis in household contacts using exposure scores and contact investigations

Tuberculosis Contact Score (TCS)Pre-assigned weight
Infectivity of the index case1
 No known TB contact0
 Unknown sputum smear status1
 Sputum acid-fast2 negative2
 Sputum acid-fast2 1+3
 Sputum acid-fast2 2+4
 Sputum acid-fast2 3+5
 Sputum acid-fast2 4+6
Type of exposure to index case1
 No known/unknown exposure0
 Index case lives and sleep in different house1
 Index case lives and sleep in same house2
 Index case lives and sleep in same room3
 Index case lives and sleep in same bed4
Duration (total hours) of contact per average day with index case1
 No known/unknown duration of contact0
 0–3 h1
 4–7 h2
 8–11 h3
  ≥ 12 h4
Duration of TB symptoms in index case1
 No symptoms or unknown duration of symptoms0
  < 3 weeks1
 4–7 weeks2
 8–11 weeks3
  ≥ 12 weeks4
  1. 1Index case: Adult with confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis. 2Direct fluorescent microscopy with Auramin staining