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Table 2 Incidence of cryptococcal meningitis or death within 14 months of enrollment by laboratory-based EIA testing among participants with low CD4 count at enrollment

From: Cryptococcal antigenemia is associated with meningitis or death in HIV-infected adults with CD4 100–200 cells/mm3

  Incidence Rate1Unadjusted
CD4 count at enrollmentNEvents (n)pyHR (CI)p=
100–200 cells/mm3
CrAg positive423.458.810.0 (2.2, 45.3)0.003
CrAg negative or indeterminate20511196.25.6Ref 
<100 cells/mm3
CrAg positive1075.1137.66.3 (2.7, 14.6)< 0.001
CrAg negative or indeterminate16926145.817.8Ref 
  1. CI 95% confidence interval, CrAg Cryptococcus antigen, EIA enzyme immunoassay, HR Hazard ratio, py person-years
  2. 1# of total outcomes per 100 person-years