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Table 5 Effect of bedaquiline use for the treatment of DR-TB on incidence, prevalence and mortality in 5-year increments between 2020 and 2040 in China

From: Long-term impact of the adoption of bedaquiline-containing regimens on the burden of drug-resistant tuberculosis in China

Cumulative reduction (%, absolute)Change in each five-year periodChange over the period 2020–2040
IncidenceNo bedaquiline8%7%6%6%30%
Bedaquiline use; 61% success rate1%2%2%3%8%
Bedaquiline use; 80% success rate−6%−3%−2%−1%−12%
PrevalenceNo bedaquiline5%4%4%4%19%
Bedaquiline use; 61% success rate−7%−4%−2%0%−12%
Bedaquiline use; 80% success rate−19%−13%−8%−4%−38%
MortalityNo bedaquiline7%6%5%5%26%
Bedaquiline use; 61% success rate−16%−5%−1%−0%−21%
Bedaquiline use; 80% success rate−40%−20%−11%−6%−60%