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Table 3 Bedaquiline success rate and market penetration/adoption inputs utilized for scenario analysis

From: Long-term impact of the adoption of bedaquiline-containing regimens on the burden of drug-resistant tuberculosis in China

ParameterScenario 1Scenario 2
Success rate of first line (LOT1) treatment of DR-TB with bedaquiline61%80%
Peak utilization of bedaquiline-containing regimens in DR-TB treated patientsLOT185%85%
Treatment start date2020-Q1
Adoption of bedaquiline-containing regimens in DR-TB patients (treated with short or long course regimen)60%70%80%85%85%
  1. aPatients failing LOT1 treatment with bedaquiline were assumed to be ineligible for re-treatment with bedaquiline in LOT2, while 85% of patients not treated with bedaquiline in LOT1 were assumed to be treated with bedaquiline in LOT2 in both scenarios
  2. Abbreviations: LOT line of treatment; DR-TB drug resistant tuberculosis; Q quarter of the year